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EasyLink Notifications Service is a 100% outsourced, cloud-based solution that lets
you send and receive messages across multiple modes - SMS, voice, e-mail, and fax. 
Our “single-source” multi-modal messaging solution supports a unified communications
strategy that connects you with your customers, partners, and other constituents in the
format they prefer. Streamline your messaging with an easy-to-use, automated solution
that improves productivity and efficiency while controlling costs.

EasyLink Notifications Service delivers a host of features and benefits:

Competitive Advantage - EasyLink gives your customers, partners, vendors, and
employees what they’re asking for –proactive notifications in the format they prefer.
Speed cycle times and improve customer service to create a decisive competitive
advantage in your markets.

Cost Efficiency - Accomplish more, faster — and at a fraction of the
cost of s
tandard mail or stand-alone messaging systems. With EasyLink’s
100% outsourced solution, you can eliminate infrastructure, reduce staffing,
and eliminate maintenance, upgrades, and other recurring IT expenses.
Our transaction-based fees are consistent and predictable, leveraging economies of scale available only from a large global vendor. You can
ramp up as fast or slow as you’d like, knowing you’ll pay only for the notifications sent.

Multi-channel Flexibility - Our convenient web portal makes it easy to manage your notification projects from any browser. EasyLink’s Notifications Service allows you to send different messages to different groups based on their requirements and the nature of your communication. Select the mode best suited for your audience and message. Schedule your messages at planned intervals or send them ad-hoc. Or, use our API to programmatically integrate notification communications directly into your back-end systems.

Integrated Voice Response (IVR) integrates with your database system
and enables you to administer interactive messaging solutions. Improve
customer service by enabling recipients to reply to your calls by routing
them to customer support areas in your organization.

Compliance - EasyLink helps you comply with corporate governance requirements
and privacy and records-keeping mandates. We turn multi-modal messaging into
a digital workflow that can be tracked, audited, and archived. EasyLink provides
companies with a complete audit trail for every notification that passes through
our global infrastructure.

Sample Notifications include:

  • Accounts Receivable Management (payment notifications, billing/invoice notifications, collections)
  • Banking Notifications (overdraft notifications, fraud notifications)
  • Travel Notifications (booking changes/confirmations, delayed or cancelled flights)
  • Corporate Communications (analyst notes, executive communications)
  • Logistics (delivery notifications, delayed delivery, return parts, status notices)
  • Surveys (satisfaction, research, clinical trials)
  • Service and Appointment Reminders (day before reminders, day of reminders)
  • Pharmacy Notifications (prescription ready, prescription refill)
  • Political (seasonal)

Fax2 Mail Services Are Provided By Easylink Services         

Fax2Mail provides internet fax technology with the convenience of e-mail.
Fax2Mail is designed to address the needs of today's global enterprise by
providing greater reliability, availability, and security via cloud computing.
With this 100% outsourced solution, employees can send and receive faxes as
electronic messages directly from their existing e-mail accounts-anytime, anywhere.

By Using Fax2Mail, You Can:

Increase employee productivity with digital faxing and mobile printing      

Eliminate hardware, software, maintenance costs, and licensing fees

Ensure security and compliance and satisfy your organization's corporate     
governance requirements                     

Not only is Fax2Mail simple and easy to use, but it is scalable, convenient and helps your company achieve its green initiatives. In addition, with our PDF Editor feature, inbound faxes received as PDFs can be searched, edited, have electronic signatures appended and more.

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