Long Distance Services are Provided by Network US   

The services are targeted for either the business or residential user.

Both business and residential rates average 3.9 cents per minute

for "Switched" Interstate services.

1+ Outbound Long-Distance Service

Network US affers One-Plus Outbound long distance sevices in the 48 Contiguous United States.

To use our service there are no extra numbers to dial! Just One-Plus the number you want to reach!

It's simple and easy. No gimmicks, just inexpensive long distance service. Prices may vary in each state.

800 Inbound Long-Distance Service

Businesses of every size and in every industry offer toll-free service to improve customer relations and increase

sales. Network US offers business customers a competitive toll-free calling plan. The service costs just $2.00 a

month and per minute rates are the same as outbound rates. By paying for the toll-free calls your company

receives, you are motivating customers to contact you instead of your competitors. Consumers are more likely to

phone your business if the call is free of charge. In addition, you are able to monitor the geographic location of

each call. Customers on Network US's inbound toll-free long distance program receive the same competitive rates

found on their outbound calling plan.                                                

International Long-Distance Service                       

Network US offers International Outbound

long distance service from the 48

Contiguous United States.

Prices vary by country. For a quote to a

specific country, call Sage Solutions, LLC at

(401) 845-5001 or (866) SAGESOL. When

you order Network US's standard One-Plus

or Dedicated Outbound Long- Distance

service you will automatically be able to

make International calls at our low rates.

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